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Delaware Express “Gets There Greener”

We recently arrived at the Department of Transportation (DOT) Earth Day Fair in our University of Delaware MCI J4500 motor coach. Delaware Express arrived at the U.S. Department of Transportation's (DOT) Earth Day Fair, Des Plaines, Illinois, on April 21, 2016, in the 2016 clean diesel MCI J4500 it uses to carry the University of…
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4 Great Ways to Use Your Time on Long Bus Rides

In our digitally connected, instantly gratifying world, people rarely stop and smell the proverbial flowers. And when it comes to transportation services, this is certainly applicable. These days, it seems that hardly anyone appreciates the merits of a long bus ride anymore. But in truth, whether it's shuttle services or a charter bus, traveling by…
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Bus Travel Tips From the Pros

With summer almost here, there's no better time to pack your bags and book yourself a charter bus rental for your next adventure. In doing so, you'll be joining one of the 631 million passenger trips made across the U.S. and Canada annually. While many bemoan the humble mode of transportation, traveling by bus offers…
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