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3 Exiting Ways to Spend Your Next Long Weekend

Far too many people work too hard and never take any breaks. They might have the weekends to themselves or a long weekend every once in a while, but they don’t actually enjoy them. They sit around and complain about work. Rather than doing something fun and trying new and exciting experiences, they sit and…
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2026 World Cup: How to Plan Extra Early For a Great Summer

The 2018 World Cup is officially underway as Russia defeated Saudi Arabia 5 to 0. Russia is currently hosting this year's World Cup and FIFA's Congress just announced that in a few short years (eight, to be exact) the World Cup will be making its way to the Mexico, Canada, and the United States. "We believe…
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3 Great Tips For Avoiding the Stresses of Travel

Traveling can be a nightmare even if you've spent months preparing. Something always goes wrong, someone you're traveling with always ends up complaining too much, and all sorts of issues arise. If you're planning on traveling anywhere at some point during the next 12 months, it's time to start planning how to rid yourself of…
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