4 Transportation-Related Side Hustles to Consider

transportation servicesTransportation services are an essential part of life. Thankfully, the modern world offers a huge variety of transportation services to choose from. Whether you simply want to expand your knowledge of the various transpiration options you have at your disposal or are thinking about looking for a secondary source of income (or more), you should at least know what is out there.

Here are some of the best careers in transportation services that are available today:

  • Taxi services — Make no mistake about it, taxi companies are certainly struggling thanks to the advent of ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft. However, in certain parts of the country, taxi drivers are still an important part of daily travel. It might not be feasible to start a taxi business in 2018, but driving on the weekends can still help earn you some extra cash.
  • Ride-sharing services — Uber, Lyft, and similar services are some of the best side hustles out there. Young people love taking these transportation options all over the place: to restaurants, to concerts, and even to work and back. A lot is going to change over the next few years in terms of transportation, but it doesn’t look like ride-sharing services are going away for a very, very long time.
  • Limousine services — Limousine companies currently provide work for 275,000 people and transport approximately 400 million passengers every year. There are all kinds of reasons people take limos, including airport transfers, business and corporate travel, weddings, or simply just a fancy night on the town. People love riding around in limos, and that will likely never change.
  • Moving van services — Another great secondary source of income when it comes to transportation are moving vans. Though you might have to lift a few heavy boxes and carry some furniture items up awkward stairs, you will mostly just be doing the driving. This is probably the easiest business to start on your own, as well. So you can take this side hustle as far as you want.

Of course, getting a job as a driver is easier said than done. While the requirements for ride-sharing services may be more relaxed than in other transportation services, you still need to demonstrate a great driving record.

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