5 Great Ideas to Achieve Reliable Transportation In Your City

reliable transportation

When it comes to getting around town, a city needs reliable transportation to keep traffic running efficiently. A bad transportation system can seriously impact quality of life.

Whether you live downtown or in a suburb far away, how you maneuver throughout your community shapes your entire life, including your social interactions, your career, and even your personal and familial dynamics. It can be difficult to achieve reliable transportation if public infrastructure is poor, but there are a few things that individuals and cities can do.

Here are some great ideas — both big and small — that can drastically improve your city’s reliable transportation:


    • Bike-sharing programs — Bike-sharing has become extremely popular throughout the country. Not only is this a great way to get around your environment, but it’s a much healthier option as well.


    • Utilize buses — Though transit ridership is down, riding the bus is still a great option to get around. The motorcoach industry accounts for 631 million passenger trips throughout the U.S. and Canada every single year. Whether you’re riding public transit or renting a bus for a trip around the city, utilizing motorcoaches is a great way to improve transport.


    • Organize a local car-free day –Every September 22, cities around the world participate in a global Car-Free Day. This is a great way to not only promote environmentally-friendly transportation options but to show how great even a single day of no traffic can be. You can either join this year’s celebration or start organizing your own local vehicle-free day (or even week)!


    • Autonomous-vehicle pilot programs — Though this hasn’t caught on too much yet, some cities across the United States are implementing driverless cars. This low-emission form of transportation will soon be found in cities across the country.


    • Start walking — Another great way to get around and get in shape is walking. Sounds simple enough, right? Then go outside and walk to your next destination!


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