Why A Bus Tour Is A Must For Your Next Day Trip

bus tours

If you’ve ever tried to plan a vacation or trip for your family, company, or other organization, you know that seeing all the sights in a short amount of time can be incredibly frustrating. This is especially true for day trips or special events; there’s always just too much to see and do and not enough hours in the day. The solution? Bus tours. Here’s why a bus rental and tour could be the best option for your next big (or small!) trip.


  • Pre-planned excursions: It can be hard to find the best places to stop on your trip with so much usually to do in so little time. Luckily, with bus tours, you don’t need to worry about all the planning that goes into sightseeing. Simply pick what sort of tour you’re looking for, and enjoy the stops along the way. This is much easier than having to schedule everything yourself.


  • Better value: Because your bus tour company is able to get discounts on excursions and stops along the way, bus tours can actually save you money on your trip. You pay for the bus tour and maybe a few souvenirs, instead of having to pay for admission and fees at every stop of your trip. Bus tours can be an excellent way to save a bit of cash on your next trip.


  • Group transportation: While some people worry about traveling with strangers, the company can actually enhance your trip. Being able to meet people on the same journey as you add interest to your day. Besides, sharing transportation is great for the environment too; motorcoaches are three times more efficient in reducing C02 output compared to commuter rail, and five times more so than transit buses. By sharing a motorcoach with others, you’re all collectively reducing your carbon footprint.

Planning your next bus tour to NYC, Washington D.C., or the Jersey Shore? Contact Delaware Express for more information on rates and trip offerings to see if a guided bus tour is the best choice for your next trip.

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