Escape to the Cape This Fall on a Multi-Day Bus Tour

multi day bus tourEveryone needs to get away every now and again, and when that’s the case, there’s no better medicine than the smell of salty sea and the wind in your hair.

While there are 31 national airports in total within the United States, flying can be an expensive and cumbersome endeavor. And combined with hotel accommodations, food, and activities a simple 5-day getaway can turn into a $1000+ trip all too quickly.

Luckily, multi day bus tour trips make week-long getaways easy, affordable, and packed with adventure. From September 28 through October 2, Delaware Express is hosting a multi day bus tour to Cape Cod that includes four nights of accommodations, several meals including a lobster dinner, and plenty of things to do.

Located on the Cape in southern Massachusetts, Cape Cod is a hookshaped peninsula that contains 15 different seaside towns. While Cape Cod is a popular summertime destination, it is beautiful year-round, particularly as the trees ripen and change color in the fall.

The multi day bus tour includes a plethora of special events and trips, such as tours of Hyannis and the John F. Kennedy museum. There’s also plenty of free time to relax, shop around, and enjoy a leisurely afternoon in one of the many towns you will visit, such as Sandwich or the famous town of Plymouth.

The bus industry transports approximately 631 million people each year within the U.S. and Canada, and it’s no wonder, considering its benefits of easy travel, affordability and environmental friendliness. Full charter bus rentals can take as much as 55 cars off the highway, saving a great amount of carbon emissions from occurring.

If you’re interested in participating in a five-day getaway to Cape Cod from October 28 to September 2, contact Delaware Express today for rates and package information.