How To Save The World: Alternative Transportation and Their Eco-Benefits

charter busThe advent of the interstate highway system, the rise in popularity of national parks, and the explosive growth of the automobile industry all worked together to create a classic national pastime, an activity that is just as emblematic of Americana as white picket fences: the road-trip.

Motoring all over the country is a great way to see the country from ground level, but one thing is for sure — those carbon emissions sure do add up. In an age of increasing concern for the environment, it’s important to remember that the fossil fuels burning up in your gas tank are contributing to environmental pollution and the degradation of the ozone layer.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel, though. Here are three fuel efficient ways to travel you can use to take a trip:

1. Motorcoaches
Plentiful storage, air-conditioned interiors, screening capabilities, and WiFi are just some of the creature comforts offered by motorcoaches. Not only that, but each full motorcoach has the capability of removing 55 automobiles from the highway.They’re also three times more efficient in reducing CO2 emissions than commuter rails. Charter buses are one of the easiest, most sustainable ways to travel.

2. Air travel
More than 3 million people around the world fly safely on commercial aircraft everyday, and for good reason. Air travel is safe, fast and efficient. Many enjoy the sensation and thrill, as well as the aerial views of the landscape. Air travel also uses significantly less fuel per passenger than personal vehicles do. You can even save more unnecessary gas by taking a shuttle to the airport.

3. Bike
This might seem like a long shot, but you’d be surprised by how much ground you can cover on a bike. Taking a charter bus to join up with group bike treks has virtually no impact on the environment and will keep you in serious shape.

However tempting motoring across the country sounds, consider another method. From enlisting a charter bus to relying on your own leg power, there are many options. If you know of any other means of eco-friendly travel, please share in the comments!