Traveling From Delaware to NYC? Consider These Great Tips

delaware to nyc busIf you and a group of friends or family members are planning a trip to the Big Apple this year, it’s important that you go over the details together. To prevent arguments during your travels, which are the worst kinds of arguments, sit down with your group and discuss all your plans for your Delaware to NYC trip. Here are a few tips that will help cut down on arguments and improve your trip.

Decide early on if you’re going to stop anywhere on the way

The most annoying thing anyone can do during a road trip is break schedule to make a random and time-consuming stop. If you and everyone you are going with decide together to stop somewhere in Philadelphia to see something cool that’s fine, but be sure to take the time that will take into consideration. If you collectively decide to not stop anywhere and just want to make the trip to NYC in less than 4 hours, be sure to stick to the schedule. Even if you drive by a sign that reads, “Best Pie In the Entire World,” tell your pie-loving friend you’re sorry, but you’re all on a tight schedule.

Take a Delaware to NYC bus trip

There are charter bus rentals that you can all travel on together. Rather than piling into small cars or driving separately, simply hopping on a rental bus and letting the driver get you to NYC is a much more relaxing way to travel. No one ever back seat drives when a professional driver is at the helm, so every passenger can just enjoy themselves and before you know it you’ll be in NYC. In addition to a more comfortable ride, charter bus motorchoaches are three times more efficient in reducing carbon dioxide output compared to commuter rail and five times more efficient than transit buses.

Bring something to pass the time

Though a Delaware to NYC bus trip will likely only be around three to four hours, you should still bring something to occupy your time, especially considering the trip back will be just as long (unless you stop for pie). Bring a book you’ve been meaning to read, some fun games to play with everyone, music, or literally anything but just your phone.

During your Delaware to NYC bus trip, be sure to enjoy yourself as much as possible. Have fun on your trip and maybe you can check out that pie stop on the way back… Contact Delaware Express today if you want to learn more about their shuttle services.

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