2026 World Cup: How to Plan Extra Early For a Great Summer

transportation servicesThe 2018 World Cup is officially underway as Russia defeated Saudi Arabia 5 to 0. Russia is currently hosting this year’s World Cup and FIFA’s Congress just announced that in a few short years (eight, to be exact) the World Cup will be making its way to the Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

“We believe that soccer… will become the preeminent sport in North America, and I’m not just speaking for the U.S.,” said Carlos Cordeiro, United States Soccer president.

Though eight years might seem far away, 2010 was only eight years ago and that felt like yesterday. So if you’re a soccer fan or want to give the sport a go on the biggest stage, why not start planning out your fun-filled 2026 in North America?

Here are some great tips for planning an amazing summer witnessing some even more amazing World Cup soccer:

  • Figure out transportation services early on — Knowing where the host cities are is an important part of your summer of 2026 plans. Make sure to figure out all your transportation services throughout the summer so you’re ready to maximize your game watching experience. There are national airports located across 31 states and currently 17 potential host cities to keep an eye out for. By the time the Cup begins, that number will be cut down to 10. Rent a bus for special bus tours to these major cities, work with shuttle services to maximize the amount of distance you can cover, and start planning right away!
  • Pay attention to national teams — Though the World Cup only happens over the course of a few weeks, the competition is seemingly always going on. There are national teams playing extremely hard every time they take the field and at any moment a team’s World Cup chances can fall apart of succeed. Start watching as much soccer as you can so you can have an idea of who’s going to play in 2026.
  • Get excited and enjoy this year’s World Cup — The best way to get excited about the World Cup is to watch the World Cup. There are plenty of amazing games going on right now so turn on the TV, kick back, and enjoy all the games!

If you want to get an eight-year jump on your World Cup travels, give Delaware Express a call today and schedule out all your transportation services!