3 Great Features to Look For In a Charter Bus Service

renting a busRenting a bus is a great option if you are sick of dealing with all the stresses of conventional travel. Cramming your family into your small sedan, along with all your luggage for your road trip, can be a nightmare if you’re driving more than an hour or two. But with a nice charter bus, you’ll all enjoy a relaxing ride and feel refreshed when you reach your destination.

There are approximately 16,000 vans and shuttle buses currently working for U.S. charter services. So what, exactly, makes for a great charter bus ride?

Here are some of the features you should look for when booking a charter bus rental service:

  • Reclining seats — If you’re renting a bus for comfort purposes you might as well go with the most comfortable option available. Buses with large, reclining seats are so much better than old, hard ones, so find a charter bus service that offers much more comfortable seating options.
  • Wi-Fi connection — Gone are the days of books being the only entertainment for long bus rides. Charter bus technology has advanced so much over the last few decades, and now certain charter lines can even offer high-speed Wi-Fi connection. Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, you can email, listen to music, stream movies, and surf the web while you’re on the road heading to your destination.
  • DirecTV with surround sound — What’s the best way to make a nine-hour bus ride feel shorter? Perhaps watching the entire Godfather. It might seem trivial, but having quality TV programming available for you to enjoy during your long bus ride is an excellent way to pass the time. Whether you’re enjoying the surround sound with the rest of the passengers or are in your own little world with your headphones on, you’re going to enjoy the ride.

Don’t ruin your family’s trip by cramming into an uncomfortable car and hitting the road; ride comfortably in a charter bus. If you want to learn more about the benefits of renting a bus or find out more about NYC bus tours, contact Delaware Express today — and enjoy the ride!