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5 Best Day Trips in Delaware

Did you know that in the U.S., there are 16,000 vans and shuttle buses working for various charter services? Great… ‘why are you telling me this,’ I am sure you’re wondering. Well, this just goes to show you how many transportation options you have for when you want to take a day trip. Work day trips can be long and stressful at best, and that’s assuming that the travel part is easy. Depending on how many numbers are traveling in your party, bus rentals are always an option airports typically have an airport shuttle service of some sort, and worst comes to worst you can always rent a car. Whichever mode of travel you choose, if you’re in the state of Delaware, these are the 5 best day trips you can take in your state.


1. Killens Pond


Killens pond is in Felton Delaware. It is an adventure and fun for the whole family. Killens pond is home to one of the nicest campgrounds in the entire state however it is important to note that through miles of gorgeous trail, there is a hidden water park at the end. If you live anywhere near Kent County, this is one of the top summer destinations. It’s perfect for a short summer hike, some paddling, and a picnic.


2. Paddle Prime Hook


Paddle prime hook, in Milton Delaware, is great for all of the outdoorsy people. There are tons of opportunities for physical activity. You can rent a canoe or kayak, and enjoy Waples pond. In order to get to the picture ask prime hook creek, you will first have to paddle under route one after, you’ll be submerged in paradise. As you begin to enter the prime hook national wildlife refuge. If you only have the opportunity to take one of the day trips on this list, make it this one. It will change your life.


3. The State Fair


The state fair is always a great reason to get together with family and friends to enjoy summer. However, it wouldn’t be summer in Delaware without the state fair which is located in Harrington! If you love food, you’ll love the state fair. It’s the ultimate destination for foodies. In addition to amazing cuisine, there are rides and games that bring back the nostalgia of carnivals and fairs from your childhood.


4. Lewes


Ever heard of Lewes? It was the first town in the first state! It is absolutely a must see if you are a history buff. It is a full on blast of the past full of history and charm. There are plenty of museums to see and incredible restaurants to visit. This town is amazing for summer day trips, autumn day trips, and winter day trips there are no bad times of year to visit Lewes, Delaware!


5. Bethany Beach


It would be inappropriate to rob Delaware of its beautiful beaches. Bethany Beach is definitely worth making the trip. If you only visit one beach town in Delaware, it should be Bethany. There’s an entire nature center and plenty of events going on downtown and on the beachfront all summer long. Great location, great people, and a beautiful beach: what more could you want?