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Are We There Yet? 4 Tips For Day Trips With Kids

Even when you plan your day trips for a kid-friendly location, the travel there can sometimes be a bit of a struggle. No child enjoys sitting in one place for terribly long, and that includes when they’re sitting on a charter bus or motorcoach headed to your family’s trip destination. Plenty of families travel by motorcoach every year; the motorcoach industry accounts for 631,000,000 passenger trips annually in the United States and Canada. Here are a few tips that parents can use to make day trips easier for kids not accustomed to longer travel times.

Keep Them Entertained

One of the main reasons kids can be a bit of a hassle during longer trips is because they naturally have a shorter attention span than adults. This results in frequent questions like the dreaded “are we there yet?” Use classic road trip games to keep them entertained and help the time pass.

Technology Is Your Friend

For older kids and teens, the drive can still take longer than they’d like, even if they’re a bit more patient than their younger siblings. These kids will likely not be kept busy by simple road trip games, so in these cases, you’ll want to rely on technology to help you. Phones, tablets, and other portable devices can make time fly on the road, meaning easy travel for you and your family.

Pack Plenty Of Snacks

Nobody likes getting hungry in the middle of the trip with no rest stop in sight for a while. When you’re packing your bags for your trip, make sure you include extra snacks for kids who might get cranky when they’re hungry. This is especially true for day trips that are pre-planned on a tight schedule; if you don’t have enough time to stop to eat, you’ll definitely want something to snack on during the ride there and back.

Encourage Nap Time

Fewer things make time pass faster than getting some sleep. If your kids have had a busy day during your day trip, encourage them to get some rest on the ride back. This will make the time pass faster and make for easier travel.

Planning day trips for your family can be exciting, especially if you have all the right travel tips to make getting to your destination as simple as possible. For more information on renting transportation or scheduling a day trip for your family, contact Delaware Express today.