What To Bring For Your Single Day Bus Tours

If you aren’t able to get time off of work, scheduling trips or vacations can be incredibly difficult. For an easy travel option, see what day trips or single day bus tours are available near you. These tours can be fun for the whole family, while making sure you don’t have to take too much time away from your busy schedule. If you’re planning for a day trip in the near future, use this packing list to remember all the essentials for while you’re on the road.

  • Mid-day snacks: While it’s likely that your trip has taken stops for food into account, you’ll still want to bring extra snacks along. This is especially true for families with young children. If your child gets antsy during the trip, you’ll want to have a snack or two ready so the bus doesn’t have to stop.
  • Road trip entertainment: Hearing the classic question of, “Are we there yet?” can be annoying enough when you’re driving, but when you aren’t the one behind the wheel, it can be twice as irritating. Keep some coloring books or handheld video games with you, especially if any one part of the drive is a bit long; this should help keep any little ones entertained.
  • Well-charged phones: Even on single day bus tours, it’s possible that people can get separated from the group on accident. In the U.S., there are 16,000 vans and shuttle buses working for charter services, and getting on the wrong bus does occasionally happen. Charge any cell phones you have before you leave for your trip, so that way if you do get separated, you have a way to get in touch with people.
  • Tour itineraries: If possible, provide everyone traveling with you with a schedule of the tour’s planned activities. This will both cut down on irritating questions on what’s happening next from overly excited kids, as well as making sure the group stays together.

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