Do You Need Extra Transportation For Your Event?

special event

Event planning can be incredibly stressful, especially if you’re trying to plan for a larger group of people. Whether you’re planning for a bachelor party, a birthday, a bar mitzvah, or even just a corporate gathering, making sure everyone can get where they’re looking to go is important to have your event go smoothly. To ensure your special event goes as smoothly as possible, these are just a few reasons you might want to get extra transportation.

  • You’ve got guests from far away: If your guests have already spent a lot of time on charter buses or shuttle services, they’re not going to want to arrange for transportation to your event as well. Additionally, if they’ve come from far away and haven’t driven themselves, there’s a chance they don’t have their own transportation in the first place. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got reliable transportation for these guests specifically.
  • Your event has multiple venues: Any event that’s going on where you have multiple locations or venues should probably also have transportation between the venues. This will help those guests who may have missed the memo and forgot to arrange for transportation between locations, making sure all your event guests have a good time.
  • Your guests may be drinking: For special events like weddings or milestone celebrations, there’s a chance your guests may have been drinking. These guests should absolutely not be driving; to keep your guests safe, schedule for transportation, even if it’s just renting a town car or two to get them home safe.
  • Your event has a lot of guests: Sometimes, the guest list gets out of control. In these cases, having transportation can make the logistics of a large event much easier, especially in how many cars you have to account for. There are approximately 7,000 stretch SUVs licensed for limousine and charter services in the U.S.; these larger vehicles can help you account for many guests at your event.

Whatever the special event is that you’re planning for, scheduling for additional transportation can help your party run more smoothly. If you need to schedule transportation for your event, contact Delaware Express today.