The Dos And Don’ts Of Air Travel

airport express shuttleAnyone who’s ever had to deal with air travel and all the hassle surrounding it knows that flying can be incredibly stressful. Even the hours leading up to a flight can be anxiety-inducing; packing, traveling to the airport, and dealing with any last minute issues can all add up to create an unpleasant experience. Here are a few easy travel tips to make sure your next flight is as stress-free as possible.





  • Plan travel ahead of time: Make sure you know how you’ll be getting to the airport. Book an airport express shuttle, if possible; airport express shuttle services save you the hassle of needing to figure out parking.


  • Make a checklist: A few days before your trip, make a thorough list of everything you’ll need to pack. Include clothing, toiletries, entertainment, snacks, and anything else that you think might be useful. Give yourself a few days to do this, so you have time for last-minute adjustments as needed.


  • Pack with security in mind: Make sure that you’re ready to go through airport security by packing smart. Wear easily-removed shoes to the airport, pack your laptop or other electronics in a way where they can be easily removed for screening, and keep your toiletries together. This way, you won’t have to dig through your bags in the security checkpoint.





  • Wait until the last minute: The key to stress-free travel is planning ahead. The more things you leave until the day before or the day of your trip, the more stress you’ll be dealing with while trying to get everything in order.


  • Forget to pack essentials: If you’re excited about a trip, it’s easy to forget to pack some very important things. Yes, you have an outfit for going out packed away and ready to go, but did you remember your toothbrush? Sometimes the mundane things are the easiest to forget.


  • Pick an airport too far from your destination: It might be cheaper to fly to the smaller airport, but you might end up causing yourself more stress and spending more money by going to an airport farther away. There are currently 31 states with national airports; make sure you pick the right one for your final destination.


Make sure to plan your trip thoroughly and well ahead of time, and you’ll be able to save yourself plenty of hassle during your next flight.