Heading to NYC With Your Friends? Try These 3 NYC Essentials

charter bus rentalsGoing on a trip to New York City can be one of the most fun times in a person’s life. Going on a trip to NYC with a group of your best friends? That definitely will be the most fun time of your life. You can take charter bus rentals for bus tours in NYC throughout the year and no matter when you go, if you’re with your best friends, you’re all going to have an amazing time.

There are approximately 16,000 charter bus rentals and shuttle vans working the United States. Using a charter service for NYC bus tours can be wonderful, no matter what kind of trip you want to have. Whether you’re going to NYC with all your classy friends and want to enjoy the fancier things the city has to offer, or you’re going down with your college buddies and want to get a little crazy, NYC has something for you.

Here are a few great group activities to partake in while in NYC, and having the added benefit of arriving to these events via charter bus rentals makes them even better.

Broadway Shows
It’s hard to fully experience NYC without going to at least one show on Broadway. Aladdin, Cats, The Color Purple,Chicago, and Hamilton are all playing now, with even more great shows on the way. It’ll truly be one of the greatest experiences for your collective group. What better way to spend a bachelor or bachelorette party than at one of the classiest places in the entire world?

Baseball Game
Like the Broadway experience, going to a Yankees or Mets game is almost a requirement for any NYC trip. It’s like riding the subway… it just doesn’t count as a NYC trip until you’ve done it. Arriving to these legendary stadiums with your best friends in a charter bus will certainly turn some heads. It’ll be just as hilarious as it is cool because surely you and your friends will try to convince a few people — unsuccessfully — that you’re part of the team.

Fine Dining
One of the many good things about this magical city is that there is so much to do, you really don’t have to do anything to enjoy your time there. Simply just riding around the city with your best friends will be a memory that you all will share forever. End your night at one of the many amazing restaurants and start planning your next trip!