How Hiring a Shuttle Service Saves the Environment

taking the shuttleOne of the best ways to alleviate the stress of traveling is taking the shuttle to the airport. But did you know that an airport shuttle service can help protect the environment too?

Airport shuttle services provide rides to countless travelers over the course of the day. That means each person who takes the shuttle isn’t driving. The average car contains one passenger and emits over 8,000 grams of carbon dioxide per gallon of gasoline burned. Hiring a shuttle means less carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere, which reduces harmful greenhouse gases that can negatively impact the environment.

Did you know that motorcoaches emit the least amount of carbon dioxide per passenger per mile when compared to other vehicles?

A multi-passenger shuttle is on average six times more fuel and energy efficient than traditional single-passenger automobiles. This means that you can utilize the better gas mileage of the shuttle in addition to reducing your stress of driving through busy airport traffic. As technology continues to improve, taking the shuttle will benefit the environment more and more.

Even if you aren’t planning to shuttle between the airport and home, a charter bus can be an excellent choice when planning a group day trip. By removing the need for everyone in your group to drive their own vehicles, you’re removing potential greenhouse gas emissions. No matter what your special event is, chartering a motorcoach or shuttle will take some stress off of everyone’s plate and allow you to celebrate as you travel to your destination, all while helping reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Renting transportation is a fun and smart way to ease the stress of travel and save the planet too!

As you reap the traditional benefits of taking the shuttle, like efficient and experienced drivers who deliver you to your destination on time, the environment will enjoy the collaboration of the continued efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. When you charter an airport shuttle service, you’re partnering with that service to save the environment.