Improving The Environment: How Can We Actually Help?

charter bus rentalThere is so much uncertainty in the world right now, especially in relation to the environment. No one knows for sure what is exactly going to happen over the next five, 10, or 100 years, but it’s still important that the human race does everything in its power to protect the environment and preserve it for as long as possible.

But how does one person make a difference?

There is a common misconception that one single person can’t do anything to help or harm the environment, but that can’t be further from the truth. There are 7 billion people on Planet Earth, and it will take billions of us taking action to make a difference. It’s up to each individual person to do their absolute best to change the way they care for the environment and change the way people think about the environment. Most importantly, you need to genuinely believe that you can and will make a difference.

Here are a few small things you can do to really make that difference and improve our planet for the better:

Change the way you travel/commute
Rather than driving your pickup truck to and from every single destination you need to go to in a single week, explore alternative transportation options. Even if you choose one day a week to commute by bike or public transportation, your efforts will add up in the long run. In the same way, explore alternatives for longer trips. Instead of fuel-guzzling planes, consider charter bus rentals and motorcoaches instead. Each full motorcoach can make a significant difference in terms of protecting the environment because it has the potential to remove up to 55 automobiles from the highway. Stop taking your own car everywhere and start using charter bus rentals, bikes, and other eco-friendly forms of transporation.

Pay attention to your food waste
You might not think it has an impact on the environment, but the way you dispose of your food is extremely important. Pay attention to any expired or non-expired foods you’re throwing away and adjust your grocery shopping trips accordingly. Also, creating a compost pile can help provide nutrients back into the ecosystem, which keeps foods out of landfills and enriches the soil. This is a great way to make a direct impact on your local eco-system.

Enough with the bottled water!
We all know drinking water is essential to survival, but we don’t need to chug from plastic bottles and improperly discard them on a daily basis. Every year, an incredible 17 million barrels of oil are used in the production of disposable water bottles. It’s time to do your part and stop going through dozens of plastic bottles each week. Buy a reusable bottle that you can take with you wherever you go.

It’s time we all start caring more for the environment, the planet, and the future. If you want to learn more about how to do your part in terms of transportation, or find quality charter bus rentals here in Wilmington, DE, contact Delaware Express today.