How To Pick The Right Transportation For Your Event


Planning major events can be challenging, no matter what the special occasion is. Whether you’re planning for a wedding, a bachelor party, a work event, or even just a day trip, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the right type of rental transportation worked out for you and your guests. Here’s a quick guide to renting the right type of transportation for your big day.

Charter Buses

A bus rental is best saved for your biggest events where organizing transportation for large groups is essential. Events like corporate retreats, bus tours, large weddings, and other occasions where you’d have enough people to fill an entire bus will largely benefit from this form of transportation. This way, you won’t be left trying to coordinate multiple modes of transportation for an excessive number of people, making rides simple and easier to plan.


Limousines are perfect for fancier occasions or when you have a mid-size group of people to transport between event locations. Larger stretched limousines can carry between 16 and 20 passengers depending on the type of limousine chosen, making these a great choice for wedding or bachelor parties, prom groups, or other fancy occasions where you want to travel in style.

Town Cars

For times when you want to rent transportation to skip the hassle of driving, town cars are likely your best bet. Town cars are best for small groups, like individual families, who want to avoid standard problems that come with driving to an event: parking, gas prices, and so on. Renting a town car will help for day trips or easy travel to the airport for your next big vacation.

The best type of transportation for your situation will depend mainly on the number of people involved. Ideally, try to fill your chosen vehicle as much as possible and comfortable; this reduces the number of vehicles you have to coordinate, simplifying your event planning greatly.

Looking for town cars, limousines, or charter buses to help you take care of transportation for your upcoming special occasion? Contact Delaware Express for more information on what rental transportation may be right for you.