A Step-By-Step To Planning Your Best Family Trip Yet

Planning family vacations can be incredibly stressful. Between taking time off work for you and school for the kids, scheduling everything throughout the trip, and even just getting to your destination can all add up to a complicated mess for you to deal with. Not to worry; here’s the complete guide to planning day trips your family will be talking about for years to come.


  1. Pick a destination: This might seem like a no-brainer, but picking a destination can be trickier than you think. You want to be sure to pick somewhere with plenty of things to do, but not too far; you want to be able to enjoy your time off and not waste it just getting there. See what events are going on in destinations near you, and try to plan around those if possible.
  2. Plan your travel: It’s important to figure out how you’re getting to where you’re going early on in the planning process, so you don’t accidentally end up with a last minute scramble to rent a car. Look at train or bus schedules and figure out what stations you’ll be leaving from, and when. Or, if you’re looking to travel in style, try a limousine service! Larger stretched limousines can carry between 16 and 20 passengers, so feel free to invite the whole family.
  3. Pack, then pack again: Make sure you take the time to double- and triple-check your packing list. Did you really remember all the essentials? If food isn’t part of your plan or you’re not stopping at any restaurants during your day trip, did you account for snacks? Go over your list multiple times to make sure you’ve got everything you need, and you don’t have to make last-minute changes to your plans to pick up things you forgot.
  4. Relax!: At the end of the day, day trips are supposed to be fun, relaxing times you get to enjoy with your family. When the day of the trip comes around, do your best to relax and just enjoy the time you’ll all be spending together.


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