Why Take a Bus Tour to NYC Rather Than Drive Yourself?

bus tours to nycIf you’re planning on going on a trip to New York City this summer, get ready for the trip of your lifetime! It’s important, however, to take plenty of time during your planning process so that you and your friends can have the stress free trip that you all deserve.

Who you’re going with, where you’re staying, and what you actually want to do when you get there are all decisions that should be made with your group. But one decision that you should pull the trigger on as soon as possible is taking advantage of bus tours to NYC. Rather than driving your own car to the Big Apple, renting charter buses and going on a tour through the city is your best bet.

Here are a few reasons why you and your friends should ditch your car and enjoy professional bus tours to NYC.

New York City is the least car-friendly city in the country
Because you’ll be joining the millions of tourists who also visit NYC in the summer, you’re guaranteed to spend one to two hours just trying to navigate city traffic. Whether you’re taking the bridge or tunnel, you will undoubtedly get stuck in the bottleneck that is New York City traffic. Not only that, but finding places to park your car without getting ticketed or paying obscene parking garage prices is going to be difficult. With NYC bus tours, you can arrive in the city stress free, then take advantage of the subway, ride-sharing apps, or taxis to explore the city itself.

Energy efficiency benefits
Motorcoaches are actually three times more efficient in reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) output compared to commuter rail services and five times more efficient than regular transit buses. In addition, charter motorcoaches emit the least CO2 per passenger mile compared to any other vehicle. Even if you have a car that has great gas mileage, it’s not going to be as efficient as a professional charter bus.

You can tour the city stress free
Although having your own car in an unfamiliar city is usually good for convenience purposes, the opposite is actually true when traveling to New York City. Depending on how many people you’re going with, you’re all going to feel quite jam-packed during the road trip itself. Rather than dealing with the stresses of the roadway (think dangerous drivers, traffic jams, and gas prices), let your charter bus driver deal with all that. Instead, just kick back and enjoy the ride to NYC.

You can travel with a larger group
Since sedans are quite small, you would only be able to travel with three, four, or maybe five people. That’s not nearly as fun as traveling with 10 or 12 of your closest friends. You’ll all have a blast enjoying NYC as you ride down in style rather than taking a few cars or jamming everyone in for the most uncomfortable ride ever.

Don’t ruin your trip before you even reach your destination. Rather than driving yourself to the Big Apple, consider professional bus tours to NYC. To learn more about our NYC bus tours, contact Delaware Express today!