Three Ways To Save Money On Air Travel

shuttle services Everyday more than three million people fly on commercial airplanes all over the world. Many of those people will end up in a city they’ve never been to before, without a plan for leaving the airport. Although most airports offer reputable taxi services to passengers, cab trips are also a sure fire way to start burning through your travel budget right out of the gate.

Don’t make a rookie travel mistake. If you’re trying to save money on your next business trip or vacation, then here’s three easy travel tips to save money:

Stay Out Of The Cab Line: Skipping a cab ride can save both time and money. If you’re looking for transportation to the airport or a ride to your hotel or destination, plan ahead and book shuttle services.

Although some discount shuttles offer only cramped, old vans crammed with other grumpy travelers, the transportation industry has adapted to meet rising demand. Today, there are more than 16,000 vans and shuttle buses in operation, and they come in a variety of makes and models to accommodate all types of passengers. So if you don’t have any friends who owe you a favor, reserve airport shuttle services at the same time you buy your plane ticket.

Invest In Smaller Luggage: Commercial airliners are always looking for new ways to charge you money and save space. And every year, seats and overhead compartments get a little smaller, and passengers’ wallets get a little lighter.

One in three domestic passengers are flying for business, so it’s worthwhile to spend money on luggage that will always fit in the overhead bin. And once again, you’ll save both time and money. Not only will you save checked bag fees, you won’t have to wait around at baggage claim before you tour the city.

Don’t Waste Money At The ATM: Always travel with at least some ready cash. Otherwise, you could end up paying $3 to $5 at ATM machines with hefty fees specifically designed to rip off travelers with no other options. Remember: don’t carry large amounts of cash in your pocket. Separate bills and store them securely in luggage.

Finally, if a friendly airport employee offers you a free t-shirt or souvenir for a great deal on a new credit card, just keep on walking.