The Top 6 Busiest Airports In The U.S.

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With 378 primary airports that support scheduled commercial air service, there are a lot of options for airports to fly into or out of. While some are relatively small, some are big enough and have enough amenities that you could live out of them. Here are some interesting facts about the United States’ busiest airports.


  1. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport, Georgia: The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport is the busiest in the United States, serving 100 million passengers annually. That high passenger count has guaranteed this airport the number one spot as the nation’s busiest airport since 1998, though it was first referred to as the country’s busiest airport in 1942.
  2. Los Angeles Airport, California: The Los Angeles Airport comes in second for busiest airport in the country, with 84 million passengers annually. This airport is so large that it features areas only accessible by car or bus. These terminals are typically the ones that important figures, like presidents or celebrities, will fly into when visiting the city.
  3. Chicago O’Hare Airport, Illinois: Third on the list is Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, serving nearly 80 million passengers every year. O’Hare features tons of excellent restaurants, including two with celebrity chefs.
  4. Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, Texas: Next in line is Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, with 67 million passengers annually. Proving once again that everything is bigger in Texas, this airport is almost as large as the island of Manhattan.
  5. Denver Airport, Colorado: Denver Airport is another incredibly large and busy airport, serving 61 million passengers every year. This unique, large airport has underground trains to access some of the terminals that otherwise would be inaccessible. The airport itself sits on 53 square miles of mostly open, unused space.
  6. New York JFK Airport, New York: New York’s JFK Airport comes in last on this list, still bringing in 59 million passengers every year. Recently, JFK has made a new addition: a pets-only terminal. Pets traveling with their humans can be treated to climate-controlled stalls, a pool, and a pet spa before take-off.

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