Transportation Ideas for Your Next Adventure

charter bus companyAre you going on a wine tour? Taking a trip to your local casino? Going to see a Broadway show? Taking a trip with your coworkers? While your first thought may be to hop in your four-door car and head to your destination, think twice before hitting the road. Enlisting group transportation services for your next adventure can make for stress-free, inexpensive and easy travel. Consider these options before filling up your gas tank for your next trip:

Charter Bus Company: By renting a charter bus, groups are able to travel to their destination together, often making for great bonding time for coworkers and friends while providing a cost-saving alternative for companies looking to send their employees on a trip.

Aside from making traveling as a group easier by keeping all participants together throughout the commute, motorcoaches have the potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions significantly. They are six times more energy and fuel-efficient than regular cars and are five times more efficient than mass-transit buses. Each fully-occupied motorcoach can remove more than 50 cars from the highway. This makes charter bus travel a great option for the environmentally friendly.

Shuttle Service: If you’re one of the many groups of friends taking wine tours this summer, a shuttle service is the perfect way to ensure a stress-free commute to and from vineyards while avoiding the dangers of drinking and driving. By providing transportation for participants, you can ensure that they have fun while staying safe.

Group Bike Ride: With such a growing emphasis on being “green,” more travelers are opting for a bike ride rather than a car ride. Many companies and stores offer mass-parking for bicycles in lieu of driving of a car. With some quick research or a phone call to the destination, you can find out what accommodations they have for bicycles before hitting the road.

Your next adventure doesn’t have to include run-of-the-mill transportation. Contemplate enlisting the services of a charter bus company or shuttle service before your next trip.