3 Alternatives To Driving Yourself To The Airport

shuttle services to the airportFlying is one of the safest and fastest ways to travel. In fact, over three million individuals fly every day on commercial aircraft. If you to get somewhere far away, flying is the obvious decision. The only real issue with air travel is making it to the airport. Getting to your flight safe and on time has always been a hassle. Packing up the car the night before your flight, waking up three or four hours before your flight, rushing out the door, and paying out of pocket for long-term parking are all typical pre-flight checks for passengers on a commercial airline. It doesn’t have to be this way. Taking a shuttle service to the airport is relaxing and easy. Here are some airport express shuttle services that make getting to the airport a breeze

  1. Towncars
    If you’re traveling by yourself, or with one other person, a large luxury sedan should suffice both for luggage and legroom (something you’ll miss once you board your plane). But what if you are traveling with your family? Large SUVs and converted luxury vans can accommodate up to 15 people and their luggage. You’ll be able to let the kids sleep in longer when you have someone driving for you.
  2. Limousines
    If you have a large group of friends going on an exotic flight, why not start the trip off right with a limo. The last word in luxury, limos are the most laid back way to get excited about the adventure that awaits you.
  3. Motorcoaches
    If your flight is leaving from an airport far away and your friends or family don’t want to be confined to seats, chartering a minibus might suit your preferences. Where limos don’t have enough room to stand and walk around, motorcoaches have headroom to spare. Most even have an onboard bathroom, so you won’t have to stop on the way to the airport.

These three alternatives to driving yourself to the airport are not only more luxurious, but they take a lot of the pressure off of the driver. Simply be ready to go when your shuttle service to the airport arrives, and sit back in comfort while fantasizing about where you are about to fly off to.