3 Benefits of Employee Commuter Shuttles

shuttle servicesCurrently, there are 16,000 shuttle buses working for charter shuttle services in the United States. Whether it be taking a shuttle to the airport, searching for things to do around a new city, or just improving your employees’ daily commutes to the office, charter shuttle services have many advantages.

Increased Productivity at the Office
If you provide your employees with regular shuttle rides to work, you will almost certainly begin seeing a boost in overall performance and productivity. No matter where your employees usually commute from, giving them the opportunity to ride into work on a shuttle bus will allow them enough time to prepare for the day ahead, rather than getting to work and taking the time to decompose in the office. Once your employees arrive, they are already focused and ready to take on the day. If your employees utilize this option for an extended period of time, they will begin to enjoy added health benefits as well. Shuttles have been shown to reduce stress because they prevent riders from dealing with the headache of traffic.

Improve Environmental Footprint
Transportation services also provide green benefits for the environment. Rather than having all of your employees drive their own cars to and from work every day, shuttle services can dramatically improve a company’s carbon footprint. According to the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, shuttles in that metro replace wholly 757,000 single-passenger vehicles, resulting in the savings of 28.7million vehicle miles traveled. reports that the U.S. could save approximately 33 million gallons of gas a day if the average vehicle carried just one more person on their morning commute.

Improve Organization Reputation
Successful companies aren’t just successful because they have high revenues. These companies also have positive workplace cultures and happy employees. By offering shuttle buses, you will strengthen your company’s reputation as a great place to work. Once prospective employees learn about your company’s perks, your business will have the advantage of securing the top job seekers out there.

Although ride sharing is becoming a popular trend in the tech community, you don’t have to work in Silicon Valley to enjoy the benefits of commuter shuttles. It’s time to start thinking about how to improve your company!